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Crise, luttes - crisis, struggles

Yellow, Red, Tricolour, or: Class & People

or: Class & People

Yellow Vests: When proletarian resistance takes the form of a people’s movement.

Jaune, rouge, tricolore, ou : Classe & peuple

ou : Classe & peuple

Gilets jaunes : Résistance prolétarienne, mais mouvement populaire

Impasse des rêves

An A to Z of communisation

"Communisation": a concept too obscure ? or too radical chic ? For those who wish to know more, this mind-map may help.

Crisis of Civilization

Historical crises are crises of reproduction. What are the present class contradictions leading to ?

Rojava : Reality & Rhetoric (2015)

When people take matters into their own hands in order to survive, they open up the possibility of social change. But...

The Continuing Appeal of Religion (2006)

1: Religion is far from dead. 2: No communist perspective without a critique of religion. 3 :Now, WHAT critique ?

Zone de tempête (sur la crise advenue) 2009

 "La crise" résumée en 2009 et en moins de 3.500 mots.

La Ligne générale (Questions & Réponses) (2007)

Démocratie, question juive, crise, antifascisme, réformisme, Marx, communisme, classe, désir...: ces questions obligent à faire le point sur ce qu'activité révolutionnaire veut dire. 

What's It All About ? Questions & Answers (2007)

Answers to a questionnaire on crucial issues : democracy, crisis, class, the Jewish question, revolutionary activity, riots, need and desire...

The Worker Revolution and Beyond (2003)

What the German Communist Left attempted to do in the years that followed 1917 still matters to us, especially the "class" and "working class" issue.